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About Us

Company Profile

3DEVs IT Ltd. is one of the frontline software development companies in Bangladesh. We specialize in web application development, mobile apps development, e-commerce development, and website development services. Our customer-first approach is geared to fuel fresh narratives about technology. We craft digital value to help customer’s worldwide rise above their competition.


Providing services of Information Technology and IT consultation worldwide.


We believe providing Intellectual & Contemporary IT solutions can ensure a long-term relationship with customers and IT training will enable exploring the job market globally.

Solution Areas

If you want to offer online services, information, news, products, or e-commerce, 3DEVs IT Ltd. can make sure that the visitors to your site take satisfaction as interactive, user-friendly, informative, and appreciative.

We also develop the skills of specialized programmers, PHP web developers, website designers, as well as software testers that can be useful to our large customer group to develop their websites that have the extra image in visitor's intelligence.

The main purpose of 3DEVs IT Ltd. is web technologies are to develop and design a website that can leave a remarkable image in user's mind that can help its customer get targeted visitors on their websites as well as maintain them to visit their websites on regular basis.

Customer Relationship

We believe in a long-term relationship through providing simple business solutions & services. Our fast services outbreak the universal sensitively and characterize the same. To develop any kind of IT solutions we take logically too short time without compromising with quality. This is an individuality of 3DEVs IT Ltd. to serve the market with competitive products price.

3DEVs Working Team

  • IT and graphics experts
  • Communication experts
  • Monitoring and evaluation experts
  • Sales and service experts
  • Training experts