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Year 2018
Competence Design - Creative - Website Development - Content Development

BRAC Probashbandhu Limited

BRAC is the largest development organization in the world, operating in 11 countries of Asia and Africa. BRAC works as a catalyst, creating opportunities for people to realize their potential to transform their own lives, making the best use of their skills of all forms. 

Since 2006 BRAC is working to promote safe migration through awareness campaigns, pre-departure preparation support, networking and advocacy. To ensure a comprehensive support for migrants, Migration programme established an enterprise named BRAC Probashbandhu Ltd (BPL), in 2017, with a goal to ensure safe, skilled, low cost and quality migration for sustainable livelihood.

Key Features of this Project

  • Website accessible via computer, laptop, mobile and tablet.
  • All latest and/or popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.
  • Customized Content Management System (C-CMS) developed by 3DEVs IT LTD The C-CMS system is developed using advanced technology so that more security than other CMS.
  • Mobile optimization technologies are followed throughout the development process. So that the website load time will be minimal.
  • create/edit/update/delete migrants profile using their MIS system. Linking with MIS through API’s BRAC website can easily show the profile of the Migrants to Recruiter. 
  • Can easily publish news and events related to their business. Inform potential migrants and internal/external stakeholders about the service list and training facilities of BPL sub/ regional offices.
  • Downloadable forms and learning materials for users.
  • Social media integration for sharing post in Facebook, YouTube etc. 
  • Digital Certificate verification with Worker ID using MIS API. BRAC has to upload certificate in MIS and website will request MIS system and display certificate in website.
  • BRAC can edit and update website content easily. CSS and JS files are customizable.
  • BRAC’s BPL website will be searchable via search engines.
  • Mobile-optimized/ mobile-friendly website.
  • 24 hours website accessibility.
  • Google maps API’s to show all the networks of BPL.
  • Overseas employers can quickly access to profile listings of skilled workers as per expertise by BPL trainings.
  • Provide demand and opportunity listing of employment for the willing migrants.
  • Provide information on status of the applicants under process, will be shown in a different page connected with MIS. Using MIS API website show the details.
  • Certificate verification option for trained workers, connected with MIS.
  • Links and contact information of different stakeholders like BMET, BAIRA, Ministry of Expatriates’ welfare and overseas employment and embassies.
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