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Client Bangladesh Kabaddi Federation
Year 2020
Competence Design - Software Development - Apps Development

Real-time and customizable survey (data entry) mobile app for ICDDR,B (HIV Project)

The problem:

icddr,b is an international health research institute based in Dhaka, Bangladesh came to us for solving a problem that they’re facing which effects a lot in their working process. 
They wanted a mobile application that can help to reduce the paper work for their employees as well as icddr,b can monitor the activities.icddrb-banner

The solution:

We developed a simplified native android application version of survey app that supports both mobile and tabs for icddr,b employees where they can easily store or record daily activities.

The solution offer two parts – 

  1. The android application for tracking and storing daily activities for every employees of icddr,b
  2. The back-end dashboard for monitoring every activity occurs in the platform. It has user management features for different stakeholders to ensure that every input brings value to the system.

The methodology and tools used for developing the system are industry standard and licensed. So security is ensured throughout the platform.


The outcome:

The mobile app was live in icddr,b system and successfully serving the purpose of the solution. Icddr,b able to reduce the use of paper work in their work process significantlyand can effectively monitor their employees work-activities by using the platform. We 3DEVs IT Ltd. are delighted to work in this wonderful project along with icddr,b project management team and maintaining the system as technology partner.


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