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Year 2021
Competence Software Development

Digital Accommodation Management System

Project Overview

Ministry of Textiles and Jute was planning to build a sophisticated and easy to use web application for their employees to apply for accommodation requisition. Employees of the Ministry and the department / agency are currently applying for the allotment of the said house in manual process. The applications were received from the administration branch of the ministry in the basis of the said application.
Subsequently, the applications are screened and sent to the Directorate of Government Housing with recommendations. To facilitate this process, the Ministry of Textiles and Jute will create an online home allocation web application digital service.

Core Modulesdigital-accommodation-management-system

  1. Configuration Management 
  2. Employee Management 
  3. Home/House/Flat Management 
  4. Application & Approval Management 
  5. Notification Management 
  6. Reports Management 

Solution Deliverables

  1. Employees can register, apply, check status, and get updates from using the web application. Consequently it save time and money for them
  2. Employees can track, and get sms/email updates of their application status
  3. Employees can manage their profile
  4. Admins can check, track, monitor, activate, and deactivate users
  5. Admins can accept, and deny users applications
  6. Admins can monitor the overall performance, generate reports of by using interactive software dashboard

Technology Used

  1. Web-based application back-end - PHP, MySQL
  2. Web-based application front-end -Bootstrap, jQuery and jQuery UI and other JS frameworks and plugins