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Client Pathfinder International
Year 2021
Competence Software Development - Maintenance

Development of PPV Performance Tracker for Volunteers of DGFP and Maintenance

Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) authority was struggling to track, analyze, monitor, and getting reports from field volunteer’s on daily basis. It encourages them to build a sophisticated custom web application system that can help them to reduce unexpected delays and getting updates in real-time.

So the main objective of the project is to build a cloud/web application portal for volunteer’s performance tracking, data analysis, visualization, and reporting. The resulted system will be operated/ used by the managers at the different levels of authority.

Besides developing of the web-based application, operation and maintenance of the system are conducted by vendor.

Ultimate Outcomes:

  • Dashboard with filters to help aggregate data to information
  • Easy step by step data entry and review process
  • Custom table/chart/graph creator to create custom reports with ease
  • Role based access to operation for application users
  • Online, available 24/7, around the globe

Key Stakeholders:

  • Directorate General of Family Planning
  • Pathfinder International
  • MIS team of DGFP