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Year 2022
Competence Software Development - Maintenance

Web based Multi Shop POS & Stock Management Software & Admin Management System Development and Maintenance


Joyeeta Foundation established on 16 November 2011, operates under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. Joyeeta Foundation helps women Uddokta’s in operating their business initiatives, and provide necessary supports.

Joyeeta Foundation has shops and they allot shops to Joyeeta’s women entrepreneur’s different shops for promoting and selling products to customers. Joyeeta foundation has a food court where Joyeeta’s women entrepreneurs sell their crafts item, and dry food items on their shop. Right now, the entrepreneurs sell their shop items/products manually and records their sales, stock etc. in paper note books. So they have to gone through a time consuming and tiring manual process to calculate their daily sales, update stock information every day. 


Our Access to POS solution is giving the Joyeeta’s women entrepreneurs the freedom to concentrate more on selling and promoting their products to customers, then managing shop’s daily sales, stock. They can manage their stock, and sales – all in a single web based application. Our user-friendly software is device compatible/responsive that is provide the user a great experience. The solution also offers 2 (two) types of account, they are – Admin, Craft/dry food/wet food User (With Stock/without stock. Admin account will be operated by Joyeeta Foundation’s desired concern. Admin can see the overall activities of the users; such as – users (uddokta’s) activities, sales, stock, etc. in real time with an interactive dashboard, and reports.