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Client Practical Action
Year 2022-2023
Competence Software Development - Apps Development - Maintenance - Video

Digital Weather Board Software Upgradation

Project Description

The Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance is a multi-sectoral partnership focusing on finding practical ways to help communities in developed and developing countries strengthen their resilience to flood risk. Practical Action has been a partner of the Alliance foundation in 2013, supporting communities in Bangladesh, Peru, and Nepal to build resilience against floods. To build resilience against floods, one of the components that Practical Action is working on is installation the digital weather board in the project area and upgrade the existing software. The previous web app, developed in 2018 is somewhat function. However, now the pages are not optimized, plugins are outdated, localized weather API does not work, input panel doesn’t work, designs do not take into consideration of user experience, making it obsolete. These issues have resulted a compromised system performance and bugs that need assistance to improve. The objective of the assignment to develop a new web app using an updated framework to enable better functionality of the digital weather board. The web app needs to be user-friendly for the application admin whilst create/upload/modify content on a regular basis.



3DEVs IT Ltd. has Designed and developed a weather board app which will help the community to make risk- informed decisions by providing information on rainfall, temperature, sunlight hour, evaporation rate for the last week, the current week and the upcoming week using simple symbols for easy understanding by communities where literacy may not be high. The app will also include Early Warning for disaster through by displaying the water level during flood, Local Weather Forecast, Agriculture Advisories, Government information and notices and Latest Local and National Market prices for vegetables. Interactive video clips (collected from different Govt./Non-Govt. sources) related to agriculture, disaster preparedness, advisories need to be portrayed in the weather board as well.

The solution includes but not limited to:

  • Design and Develop Dynamic web app and website (Every section of the pages will be dynamic, so that site admin can upload the site text, images, videos from his/her own panel)
  • Weather forecasts localize GPS location based.
  • Approval-based content upload/modify process (Hierarchy based)
  • Data archiving process and prepared report from system (How many hours the app run, local market price up down over different hazard etc.)
  • Responsive site to fit every information and sections in the digital board screen properly (Screen
  • size can vary from 38 inches to 46 inches)