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Client icddr,b
Year 2022-2023
Competence Software Development - Maintenance

Design and Development of a Resource Website for Climate Change Impacts on Health and Population in Bangladesh

Project Objective 

Climate change (CC) website offers sources of pertinent data, scientific publications, and concise explanations of the science of climate change and its influence on health. This project will also bring together, in a single web-based location, relevant data sources and links for researchers and program managers to access up-to-date essential data for this purpose and for designing interventions that may minimize negative impacts of climate change. The resource website 

has been developed as part of a Research for Decision Makers (RDM) activity that is funded by USAID. This website aims to provide a more current climate change and health scenario in the global and Bangladeshi contexts on a single web-based platform. This website will also let researchers and people in charge of programs come up with ways to help reduce the direct and indirect adverse effects of climate change.

Deliverd Service

  • Website Requirement Specification (SRS).
  • Website deployment on Live Server.
  • Website source code and database with resources in a keep repository form.
  • Functional and non-functional technical specification.
  • A user manual for the platform.
  • Provide support and maintenance service with minor developments until February 2023.

Project Demonstration 

Data Visualization