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Client Unisun
Year 2022
Competence Website Development - Domain & Hosting

Dynamic Website Design and Development

3DEVs IT Ltd. is proud to have partnered with Unisun, a rapidly growing supply trading, indenting, import, and international sourcing company specializing in Agro Products and Animal Feed Raw materials. The objective of the project was to create a dynamic website that reflects Unisun's commitment to delivering high-quality goods and services to both international and local customers. The website serves as a platform to showcase their extensive product range and to foster collaborations with innovative businesses and partners worldwide.

The website comprises the following key pages:

  • Home: The "Home" page is the gateway to Unisun's online presence. It features an engaging and user-friendly layout, providing visitors with a glimpse of the company's offerings and commitment to excellence.
  • About Us: The "About Us" page delves into Unisun's mission, vision, and core values. It narrates the company's journey, highlighting its establishment with the purpose of providing superior goods and services to customers worldwide.
  • Products: The "Products" page showcases Unisun's diverse range of Agro Products and Animal Feed Raw materials. Each product listing includes comprehensive details, ensuring potential customers are well-informed about the offerings.
  • Export: The "Export" page outlines Unisun's international reach and expertise in exporting goods to various destinations. It provides information on the countries they serve and the regions they operate in.
  • Gallery: The "Gallery" page is a visually appealing section that displays images and videos showcasing Unisun's business operations, events, and achievements.
  • Contact: The "Contact" page offers multiple channels for visitors to get in touch with Unisun. It includes contact details, an inquiry form, and a location map for convenience.

The website is powered by a custom content management system (CMS), which empowers Unisun to effortlessly manage and update the website's content. This CMS ensures that the website remains up to date with the latest information.

Moreover, the website's mobile-responsive design guarantees seamless browsing experiences across various devices, catering to a diverse audience.

By collaborating with 3DEVs IT Ltd., Unisun has gained a powerful online platform that accurately represents its values and ambitions. The website effectively communicates Unisun's dedication to delivering quality products and services to customers worldwide, while also showcasing their global network of renowned manufacturers and suppliers. With this dynamic website, Unisun is well-positioned to explore innovative partnerships and ideas from both local and international entities, fostering continued growth and success in the industry.

Unisun - Home Page