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4 Secret Ways Big Data Can Change Your Digital Marketing Business Game

29 Aug, 2018 / Mahmood Ahsan

Category: Big Data

4 Secret Ways Big Data Can Change Your Digital Marketing Business Game

We’re living in an age of digitalization, where data plays a vital role to take any decision made by us. Over the years, our digital lifestyle is mostly inspired by data. Now in recent times, big data become a buzzword to the digital marketiers. Because of its enormous benefits, more and more large enterprises, as well as small and mid-sized companies embrace big data to empower their business growth and digital marketing planning and strategies.

Today we’re going to reveal 4 secret ways how big data can change your digital marketing business game:

But before we jump right into the secrets we want to share HBR Big Data 2017 Survey Report where they mentioned companies using Big Data can help to reduce expenses, pop up new opportunities and scale up business growth.

Today modern marketiers mostly rely on data to figure out in campaigns what is working and what is not working. 

So we can say that big data is on high demand now, and data-oriented marketing is most effective to take digital marketing into the next level.

#1 Create Consumer Profile to Get Personalized Targeting

Today consumers become more of a “me-style” oriented. Consumers want a product fully customized or made for them. This is where Big Data predictive analytics comes in.

Big Data predictive analysis is a tool or system where digital marketiers collects consumer present and past activity data to analyze and create a personalized profile for that specific consumer. This profile uses consumer pain points and finds a solution at an individual level to make the consumer feel special.

The biggest e-commerce giant Amazon does this predictive analysis at an extraordinary level. They use Big Data to entice consumers and drive massive sales on regular basis. Amazon learns their consumers at personal level, knowing their preference, their buying behavior, their previous buying history and offer them a recommended shopping list to buy more frequently.

#2 Scheduling Perfectly Timed Content

As a human being you can’t be present or active everywhere at once, neither does digital marketiers. So that digital marketiers chooses Big Data to fill this gap, especially when it comes to social media and content marketing or blogging.

Big Data can revolutionize your digital marketing business game by filtering out prospects peak times on your website and social media. 

By using Google Analytics for the website, you can get a ton of data insights of consumers visiting your website and filters the best time to schedule a blog post for them to drive sales.

Also for social media, you can use the Facebook Page Insights tool to find out how many people liked your page post, from which country they’re visiting, what time/day they are visiting. These data can boost your digital marketing strategy making and implementing new tactics to skyrocket your sales.

#3 Fueling Massive Sales

Big Data can help digital marketing onto its top gear by giving priceless insights of consumers buying trends, especially for e-commerce business digital marketiers can optimize their product offers in real time according to the created demand.

Moreover, Big Data predictive analysis can help you not to “out of stock” anytime. You can always in available stocks as predictive Big Data analysis gives you the power of data to stock most selling products in no time. So that there’s no worry for your digital campaigns to waste of money for stock out.

#4 Create Actionable Digital Marketing Campaigns

Big Data predictive analysis tool can help to dive into data seas and find out the pearls or impactful resources to create an actionable digital marketing campaign.   

These insightful data are so useful for digital marketiers to target an individual consumer by his/her desire to make an impactful bond between a brand and consumers.

The 4 secret ways of Big Data can change digital marketing business game completely. Big Data strengthens digital marketing strategies to maximize sales, leads, and profit of a business in no time. 


4 Secret Ways Big Data Can Change Your Digital Marketing Business Game

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