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Real-Time Track & Monitor your Employees and Field Stuff using 3DEVs- fieldPulse Software

Your last-mile field force management software & mobile app

Real-Time Track & Monitor your Employees and Field Stuff using 3DEVs- fieldPulse Software


A recent study showed that an average field worker spends 37.5% of daily work-time in unproductive works that do not help a business generating revenues! It’s complete chaos for a potential business. And as a responsible business owner, you need to find a solution that not only increases the productivity of the employees but also boosts the efficiency of their works.

According to our clients acknowledgment, 3DEVs fieldPulse Software helps them increase efficiency & growth by 33%+ in annual sales! Companies that have employees of 10 to 5000 can be managed easily using our system.

Let’s find out the benefits of 3DEVs fieldPulse Software:

fieldPulse, as a sales enhancement tool is designed to bring efficiency to your work, increase your revenue and cashflow, and significantly decrease the sales channel operations expenses and reporting time & effort.  

Location tracking using GPS

Knowing your field staffs location is easier than ever! fieldPulse, a mobile-first application tracks the employees location with the help of GPS and gives you a real-time location update. Our software uses Google’s location tracking service gives you the most efficient results from anywhere, anytime!

Proximity-based Check-in

fieldPulse automates the store visit of a field rep within 2-5 meters. It helps the business to get accurate store visit data from sales reps and prevents any kind of trickery.

Offline activity

There’s the time when your field reps visit remote places where there’s limited or no internet connection. To solve this problem, fieldPulse brings a useful feature. The feature allows employees to do required tasks/ data collection, which is stored locally within the device. All the information will be synced with the system whenever he gets an internet connection. These fantastic features lets your sales force work seamlessly when an internet hazard occurs!

Attendance management

This feature allows the field reps to clock in/out from remote places. The admins can easily monitor employees working hours, and find automatic monthly attendance reports.

Interactive dashboard

Live data collection enables your business dashboard more decision oriented.


Reports for individual activities allow to track, manage, and boost decision-making.

fieldPulse Software empowers the top-level management with a business tool of excellence. This software makes sure that your field reps are not wasting time anywhere, and maximizing productivity & profit.

fieldPulse, working with countries leading companies like Nagad Limited (নগদ, DFS of Bangladesh Post Office), UPAY (উপায়, UCB FinTech Company Ltd., a subsidiary of UCB), Hakkani Group, etc.



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