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Big Data Job Career Guide for Freshers

All you need to know to prepare yourself for Jobs in Big Data

07 Jan, 2019 / 3DEVs IT LTD

Category: Big Data, Career

Big Data Job Career Guide for Freshers

Big Data is not only a buzz in the career targets but also a reality. Organizations are looking for Big Data analysts, Big Data Engineers in a huge number. This need is increasing more and more every day. But as it is quite new, the scopes are not that much clear, it would be really helpful to have a guideline towards building career in Big Data, this article focuses on that.

Before you start planning a career related to Big Data, lets see a few role or posts that relates to Big Data jobs

  1. Chief Data Officer
  2. Data Analysts
  3. Big Data Visualizer
  4. Big Data Solutions Architect
  5. Big Data Engineer
  6. Big Data Researcher
  7. Data Warehouse Manager
  8. Data Architect
  9. Database Manager
  10. Business Intelligence Analyst
  11. Data Warehouse Analyst
  12. Data Modeler
  13. Database Developer
  14. Portal Administrator
  15. Database Administrator
  16. Chief Data Analyst
  17. Business System Analyst
  18. Data Mining Strategist
  19. Data Strategist
  20. Business Data Analysts

As the market is growing rapidly, there are so many scopes to choose from, it can be confusing to find out a path to ride because, how could someone reach targets unless that someone knows the targets. For fresher, this can be more confusing, thus in this article we look into

  1. What you should initially know?
  2. What certifications can have big impacts?
  3. What technologies you should cover?
  4. What should be a final you?

What you should initially know?

Even before you start searching for a big data job, there are few areas of expertise you should already cover or at least you should have good knowledge of how they work and basic operation.

Programming is such an area, you should really have programming skills, more specifically problem-solving skills. This will help you a lot along with skills in database operations such querying large data sets to find out information that is helpful.

Along with programming and database operations, knowledge of server administration could be a big plus in big data jobs.

You should also be passionate about big data jobs before entering the market. Without keen interest and passion, you might no love what you do in big data jobs which could affect your performance and your career as well.

What certifications can have big impacts?

Recruiters are looking for professionals and offering attractive salaries. Your skills can be validated with certificates and you should look for them. It would be vital step towards finding out right certifications and grabbing them one by one. Certificates would stand you out from the crowed and can make your CV more rewarding in the big data jobs. Following are certifications you should be looking for in the big data jobs;

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) administrator

The Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Administrator certifications evaluate the skills of the candidate in core systems and administration skills for clusters. The organizations today use the Hadoop clusters that need efficient management by the professionals, and CCA certifications determine your ability to meet the role’s requirement. The certification includes the installation, configuration, and maintenance skills for Cloudera Hadoop clusters and ecosystem.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer

Developers who want certification of their ability in data processing and transformation using Apache Hadoop and Spark with Cloudera tools can look forward to Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Spark and Hadoop Developer certificate. This certification includes 12 hands-on tasks, and a 120 minutes performance-based examination. The tasks will be performed on a real Hadoop cluster. Knowledge of Hive and Impala can help along with Spark and Hadoop.

HortonWorks Certifications on Hadoop Developer and Administrator

These are also performance-based certifications on HortonWorks distribution. Hortonworks is one among the most popular choices in big data jobs industry for Big Data certifications these days.

IBM Certified Data Architect- Big data

This certification test has five sections and checks the skills of a data architect for working on solutions and for understanding the customer’s requirements.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional

This certification is for the professionals who want to build on the programming knowledge and learn big data analysis using SAS. The knowledge of Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and SAS helps in this examination.

What technologies you should cover?

Technology is role based. Based on your targeted role in the job field, you should cover technologies which are used in that role. This can help both fresh candidates and current professionals looking for shifts in their career.

Big data jobs for fresh candidates may include roles like big data developer, big data analyst, big data administrator etc. along with AI, Data Sciences, Blockchain, Security, Database and others. So as you can see, it is important pick and master the tools you need to cover for your role.

  1. Hadoop, spark and NoSQL would be a plus. You will need to manage huge datasets.
  2. Linux and bash scripts are musts to operate servers.
  3. Either Scala and Java or R and Python programming language skills is a must to engineer big data.
  4. Hadoop Developer shall also be familiar with the technologies HBase and Zookeeper.
  5. To become expert in essential big data skills, Flume and Sqoop are also widely popular technologies.
  6. Knowledge of cloud services like AWS
  7. Knowledge of Hadoop Distributed File System
  8. Knowledge of MongoDB and Cassandra
  9. Apache Storm, Apache Spark and Scala knowledge is required for data analysis

Beside these, freshers should also keep on learning various terms and topics related to Big Data, as the technologies are updating everyday, there is no options other than reading and learning more and more. Blogs and google can be your best friends along with finding good books can be a great option for learning and reading discussions by experts.

What should be a final you?

Recruiters will definitely look for skills, certifications and knowledge and all these are related. So, this is highly recommended that you follow and achieve them one by one. A final you should be a ready you with skills and certifications and confidence and passion. If you are planning a career towards Big Data jobs, a final you, should be covered with the certifications to certify your ability and skills, in-depth knowledge of the duties you will be performing, passion and interest in the related fields.


Big Data Jobs are attractive, the market is growing, recruiters seeking for more and more professionals in the field to find out useful information from enormous amount of data they have. So, if you are planning for a career in Big Data Jobs, then there is no reason to discourage you, rather we will encourage you. Follow the career guidelines, stay up-to-date with subscribing to this blog as we will definitely come up with more related articles which will help choose the best options and paths towards your successful career in Big Data Jobs fields.

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