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How Bangladeshi Tech-enabled Businesses will emerge after Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

10 Tech-enabled Businesses will grow after COVID-19 pandemics

07 May, 2020 / Mahmood Ahsan

Category: IT service, Web Technology, Advanced Topic, Future Technology

How Bangladeshi Tech-enabled Businesses will emerge after Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has demolished the world's economy. Our beautiful country Bangladesh is also affected by this. Our economy hurts badly as we are manufacture focused country. Around 5 million people work in the garments sector. Everyone's life is being halted. 
But as an optimistic person, I can see the light end of a tunnel. This lockdown life will soon remove and people will lead the new normal life.
COVID-19 will bring a lot of changes in our daily life.

It will change the way we work, do our shopping and buy groceries, do meetings, new ways of learning and education, and family hangouts.


How Bangladeshi tech-enabled businesses will emerge after Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

1.    Build the work-from-home culture
2.    The e-commerce sector will see a massive lift in business
3.    Do virtual video/voice meeting for official purpose
4.    Students will adopt in a virtual classroom
5.    Face-to-face social video network platform for entertainment purpose will become a part of our daily life
6.    Telemedicine and e-Health service industry will see a peak
7.    The digital transaction will become much popular than any time and cashless society will establish
8.    Video streaming service consumption will rise significantly
9.    Online food ordering service and urban traveling using ride-sharing service will become new normal
10.  Co-working space or office-space sharing business will grow

1. Work from home

We’re staying home since the lockdown happened on 25 March 2020. I'm with all of my colleagues from 3DEVs IT Ltd. are working from home. Also, many companies following the same process. It’ll help us to build the culture of the home office/ remote office. So when in the future if work from home required by any company, they can easily use the experience of work from home.

2. Expansion of the e-commerce sector (including Agri-tech startups)

Many of us are currently buying our daily groceries, medicines, and other commodities from e-commerce companies. Bangladesh sees e-commerce flourishing amid coronavirus calamity. The article states that currently, Bangladeshi e-commerce companies can manage 50,000 orders every day.

Top 7 List of Bangladeshi E-commerce Company

  • Daraz Online Shopping
  • Evaly
  • Othoba
  • Khaas food
  • Perfee
  • Shwapno
  • Meena click

3. Virtual video calling for a meeting

Virtual video meeting becomes the new normal of our life. Services like Zoom, Microsoft team, Google hangout, Slack, etc. are few that make our life easy-to-communicate with team members and client meetings.

4. Virtual classroom

Due to lockdown in most countries’ of the world, educational institutes are closed completely. In Bangladesh, we've 40 million students are now lockdown in their homes for this unavoidable situation. They are completely out of their regular schooling and study. So we can see an obvious demand for online learning platforms or LMS (Learning Management System) by educational institutes.

5. Face-to-face video entertainment platform

Apps like Houseparty: a great way to communicate with people or even play games with them. You get to text or video call all your friends at the same time. You can also 'lock the room' which allows you to speak to however many of your friends in private.

So we will see a lot of apps like these are used in regular communication.

6. Telemedicine and e-Health

Coronavirus has spread a fear among people and due to lockdown people can’t visit doctors’ chambers and hospitals. So many telemedicine and e-Health service companies will see the peak of their service. Moreover Bangladesh govt. launched health care service for telemedicine and health-related information call 16263 and 333

7. A cashless society is a matter of time

Many surveys predict that a cashless society in Bangladesh now become a common issue. Digital financial services (DFS) and Mobile financial services (MFS) companies like Nagad, Bkash, Rocket, and Nexus-pay, etc are helping people to send money, receive payment, and do online payment for purchasing goods. Services like these help to spread coronavirus.

8. Consumption of online video streaming platform

More than 80 million people are now connected to the internet in Bangladesh. These huge number of people demands video contents. So platforms like Bongo, iflix, and Bioscope, etc see a rise of consumption of steaming contents.

9. Online food ordering and ride-sharing service

Online food ordering services like Pathao Food, Foodpanda, Shohoz Food, etc already see huge daily order numbers. As people are unable to visit restaurants and eat their desired food, online food ordering will become a normal behavior of people.

Ride-sharing services are currently completely shut down as per government rules. When the lockdown will end, people may avoid public transport services as it might spread the virus more. So ride-hailing businesses will grow.

10. Co-working space / office-space sharing service

As many companies will be out of cash and no business due to COVID-19 pandemic affects, office-space sharing services will grow. Many companies will be preferring to share their unused or free-space to rent other companies to save cash.

We know the economic condition of Bangladesh is not perfect as of the whole worlds’ economy. But we need to be optimistic and hope for the best to recover the situation.

We’ll see a lot of new startups and new businesses that will start to solve the problems we’re facing today.

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